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College Time Now



Time To Figure It Out!

College Time Now is a 
premier college advising service.

College Time Now

a division of  Custom Academics, LLC

  • Tatum Hutton, a Harvard and Berkeley graduate, is the founder and creator of the customized approach that we are known for.

  • Receive individualized College Advising from Tatum, and relieve the stress of applications while increasing acceptances!

  • Discover the best colleges for you with help from an expert to get optimal results.

We are dedicated to our students' success!

Don’t settle;
set the course for your career by finding the college
where you will thrive!

College Time Now FACTS

  • Founded in 2009 by Harvard and Berkeley graduate, Tatum Hutton. 

  • About 51% of all US college students currently graduate- at all - and less than half graduate from their initial college choice, BUT 100% OF CTN students have graduated (or are on track to) from the school chosen from Tatum's recommendations.

  • Transferring costs time, credits, and money (unless it is the original plan), and statistically lowers chances for graduation.

  • Students who work with Tatum get into an average of:

    • 80% of the schools they apply to

    • 93% of their top three choices

    • 75%  their top choice 

    • 60% their dream school

  • After Tatum's recommendations, over 90% of our students receive 10K+ in scholarships & merit aid.




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College Time Now

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Student Testimonials

Tatum helped me to write some incredible essays. Tatum is extremely thorough and thoughtful without taking the students' voice more

I owe Tatum something I can never repay– I owe her for my future…read more

Her knowledge in the admission and application process is impressive...
read more

Parent Testimonials

We hired Tatum to support our daughters college application process and I cannot tell you how meaningful it was to have Tatum as a part of our “team”read more

Tatum worked so well with our daughter that she was able to get into a top tier school… This was certainly the BEST value for our moneyread more

Tatum spent countless hours providing feedback on essays until they were finely more

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