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It's Financial Aid Time

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

You can apply for financial aid now!

The first step to getting financial aid is to apply.  And although you may still be completing your college application, you can already start filling out the applications for financial aid.  The two most used forms are available to be completed now.  

What is the CSS Profile?  The  College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile is an online application developed by the College Board and used by many private colleges (and some public universities) and scholarship programs to award financial aid and/or scholarships.  There is a fee to submit the CSS Profile so check the list of colleges and programs to know if you need to complete this application.  


Check Requirements Find the FAFSA codes for colleges on your list  Determine if extra forms such as the CSS Profile or a college specific form is required Does your state require additional forms for residents applying to state colleges

Gather ALL the information needed. Be sure you have: Your social security number Parents’ social security numbers Your income statement (if you had any) for the past year Amount in savings, checking or other types of assets Copy of latest tax return

File Early File your financial aid forms as early as possible Check all deadlines at colleges you are applying to and mark them on your calendar

Inform Colleges of Special Circumstances. Let the college know in a separate letter if: A parent lost a job or had a decrease in income Parents divorced recently  There is a family member with special medical costs There are other financial circumstances in your family the college should know about


Report more information than requested. Don’t include assets from parent retirement Don’t include a farm your family lives on Don’t include a small business income or assets Don’t include your family home as an asset

Take Action

Create a Financial Aid Form report to use when completing your FAFSA. It summarizes all the financial aid requirements for each of the schools on your list and has the FAFSA codes for all your colleges. Complete the EFC Calculator Survey in Surveys section. Watch for milestone reminder emails about upcoming financial aid deadlines. Check financial aid statistics in GuidedPath on each college on your list. Mark off each financial aid milestone as you complete it.

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