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Seniors: 5 Tips for Making College Applications Easier

You are on the home stretch! 

Only a few more weeks and your college applications will soon be done. Here are 5 ways you can keep sane during these last few weeks!

Set up Application Plans. Know what is needed to make a complete application at each college you are applying to.  Need recommendations? Transcripts? Essays? Make a list to keep track of.

Check Application Deadlines.  How many Early Action, Early Decision or Priority applications are you submitting?  Don’t forget – you can only apply to one school as an Early Decision applicant. 

Organize your calendar.  Create a calendar with due dates for applications and other tasks you need to complete for your applications.

Track Progress. Feel a sense of pride and relief as you check off each task, knowing you are one step closer to getting in to college.

Keep in touch with an advisor or teacher.  Enlist the help of others. Your school or advisor may have deadlines or processes for you to follow. Check in with them often.

Take Action Use the application dashboard for a “summary view” of your applications and status.  Never miss a deadline! Keep track of your college application deadlines on your Calendar!

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