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What does it feel like to be an adult?

You said it when you were a child, “I can’t wait to be a grown-up!” 

Your parents asked you, “When will you act like an adult?”  

Is high school graduation the magic moment that turns you into an adult? Maybe, maybe not.  Take this quiz to see what your grade is as an “adult”. 

Respond to each statement with a Yes or No.

I get myself up in the morning.

I do my own laundry.

I have and keep a budget. 

I manage my own appointments.

I make my own appointments at the doctor or dentist.

I wash dishes.

I clean my room.

I complete tasks that need to be done without being asked.

I order my own meals in a restaurant.

I manage my bills.

I know how much money I can spend every month.

I manage my time for school and fun.

I plan time out with my friends.

I ask for help. I stand up for myself.

I listen to others.

I say no when tempted to do the wrong thing.

I can find a new address on my own.

I meet deadlines.

I prioritize things I need to do.

Tally your score – each Yes response receives 1 point.

What your scores mean: A+ = 17-20.  You are ready to enter adulthood with flying colors.  B+= 13- 17.  You are an emerging adult.  You almost have it down. You have just a few things to work on. C+= 10- 13.  You are getting there. You have a few more items to work on. D+= 5-9.  You have a ways to go.  Work on some of these tasks this summer before you go to college. F+ = 1-4.  You are not ready to go to college.   You might need a year at home to get ready for adulthood.

Being an adult is about more than having freedom and doing what you want. It is about responsibility, accountability and good choices.  Practice your “adulting“ this summer, and you will be more confident when you leave for college in the fall. Happy College Planning!

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