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What’s your learning style?

How do you like to learn? 

Do you like to talk to the teachers, raise your hand and stay after class?  Or do you prefer to learn by being quiet, checking in with your friends, and blending in with your classmates?  This reflects your learning style.  Your learning style is an important thing to know about yourself as you do your college search.  Which of the following Learning Style fits you?

Learning Style 1

Do you:

Raise your hand in class to answer questions?

Talk to the teacher after class or before class?

Sit in groups and discuss material you are learning?

Prefer working on assignments or projects with a large group of friends?

Like to lead discussions in class?

Learning Style 2

Do you:

Sit in the back of the class and listen to the instructor?

Feel more comfortable working on your own on class assignments?

Not like to be called upon in class to answer questions?

Like sharing thoughts one-on-one with a friend or the teacher, but not as a large group?

Prefer to turn in written assignments or take tests over doing oral presentations?

If you are more comfortable with Learning Style 1, you are a Participant Learner.  If your style is more Learning Style 2, you are an Observant Learner.

Learn more about these different styles on this infographic:  What’s YOUR Learning Style.  Learn how to pick a college based on your Learning Style.

Take Action Take the Learning Styles survey in GuidedPath to learn more about how to match your study habits to your learning style.  

Happy College Planning!

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